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Why ManagedRacks?

Find about our company and what we can do for you

Why ManagedRacks?

Find about our company and what we can do for you

About ManagedRacks

ManagedRacks is based in Reading, Berkshire. We deliver private cloud hosting, technical support and development services. The business was founded in 2008 by Andrew Broster who after eight years studying Computer & Network Engineering focused on designing next generation grid networks. His enviable, comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of both standard and emerging technologies enabled him to quickly establish the business. He has positioned the business to deliver flexible, small-scale (and large-scale) cloud-based solutions into a wide-spectrum of workplaces. Today, Andrew leads a growing global team supporting a diverse, multi-sector client base including a noteworthy set of key customers.

Flexibility is Key!

ManagedRacks supports an ever-increasing number of blue-chip companies including: car manufacturers, nation-wide corporates, global media companies as well as small, local community businesses such as estate-agents. Our established, diverse client base shows that we can achieve our business goal of accommodating a broad spectrum of varied client requirements. Our services range from providing a fully managed cloud service to designing and building custom applications to satisfy bespoke requirements. Whatever challenge is presented we believe we can help to provide an added-value solution. Our growing reputation and track record supports the hard work and commitments made to-date. If you would like a reference or client testimonial, please let us know and we will be happy to provide.

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Dedicated IT Support Team

ManagedRacks employs a dedicated support team priding itself in delivering excellent, 24/7 customer services. We adapt and tailor our support services to our client’s needs and support expertise is always available ‘round the clock’ and can be triggered by phone, email or via our support portal as needed. Every client, whether small or large is a valued customer to us and is supported by a dedicated account manager.

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Premium Technology

ManagedRacks prides itself in delivering the best quality of service and appropriate solutions to meet each customer’s requirements and budget. We are partnered with HP, Dell and Clavister; our engineers are certified to ensure we deliver the correctly configured technologies. All cloud-based services are delivered from UK ISO27001 certified data centres, thus ensuring ManagedRacks customers can have peace of mind that their data is totally safe and secure. Our development team can provide either classical or cutting edge technical solutions. All our interfaces are HTML5 compliant and capable of incorporating sophisticated data processing and analysis. The team is well experienced in delivering visualisation based on real-time data, machine learning, enhanced reality, incorporating customised trend analysis, critical data monitoring and alarms. Most importantly, we can develop or adapt a turn-key solution to co-exist with your legacy systems (if need be) while at the same time providing you with state-of-the art control and management interfaces with purpose built “API’s” and WebGL.

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